Making the final boxes

I knew I wouldn’t be able to make a lightbox of the quality I had envisaged, so I commissioned a local craftsman to construct it for me. Ian at Custom Woodwork in Cotgrave took on the challenge and accommodated multiple changes of plan after the Covid-19 lockdown.
He suggested we use a French Cleat hanging system, which means the heavier the item is the more securely it is held in place. The cleat is screwed to the wall and therefore easier to level before lifting the box into place.
The build quality of the boxes is fantastic and they work perfectly.

I’d been using the laser cutting facility at NTU, which had been great. Just before CV-19 lockdown, I’d cut my final design in light card and decided on a design for the engrave. Then… nothing was avilable for me to use. After a number of failed attempts to find someone to engrave the box pieces, I found Keith at Handytech. Keith has been a great ally, who picked up my prject with gusto and helped me find solutions to seemingly intractable problems. His laser wasn’t as big as the flat bed at uni, but he cut the large Charnia design from six individual pieces of card, which slotted back together perfectly. He also engraved the outside edge of the medium size box, again splitting my designs to make them fit in his machine.