Sketchbookwoes to joy -part 2

Sketchbook flatlay

By the time we got to 2020 I’d become comfortable enough to begin a new sketchbook/reflective. This post shows some of the pages form it. It was a mix of printed off photos, stitch samples, hand written text and FINALLY some sketching and drawings.

This gallery shows some of the pages, with samples photographed or scanned as flatlays. I tried to use some overlays and textiles with the pages. I love tracing paper overlays and used this a lot for planning layers in the design. (see the time-lapse video re-creating the small box layout -apologies for portrait orientation!)

Interior Design

Why am I considering interior products? I feel I’ve got a handle on small items and wanted to push my practice into a new area. Creatively, it felt right to explore lace at a larger scale, and the business person in me said the pieces need to have a function, even if that function is ‘art’. I could also see that interiors is a more balanced market, gender-wise,and might open me up to more customers.

Creating larger scale pieces meant I had to imagine my work in venues other than a small scale, domestic setting. I explored hotel and bars, office receptions and large modern apartment type settings. I had to scale up the budget, which meant creating work of exceptionally high quality. For research I looked at magazines such as World of Interiors, Elle Decoration, I visited the interiors trade fair Decorex (see post) and researched Society for British and International Interior Design, Walpole (representing the creative sector in the luxury high end sector)

I spoke with an interior designer who advised me to link up with people in the industry, get onto LinkedIn with my work and show at trade shows.

Some visualisations of the lacelightbox