Final Layout, small box

Small Lace light box

The small lacelightbox is 475 x 310 x 175mm (landscape orientation). It is finished the same way as the other sizes, including the French Cleat hanging system. It is not engraved but I hope to get this done after the MA hand-in. I completed this box first, having decided to use embroidered lace and embroidery on net in layers within the box. The gallery shows some of my experiments with laser cut samples inside the box and layered in different ways

The final layers are (back to front) LEDs, single embroidered motifs, suspended on invisible thread, embroidery on net, perspex.

The embroidery on net comprises three vertical sections, stitched on one single layer of Swiss Tulle cotton bobbinet. From left to right the sections are the Charnia ‘fern’ design, undulating text as brides with single words picked out in phosphorescent thread, and the word ‘Charnia’ as vertical large text embroidery. (See image below)

Lighting ideas

laser cut lampshade

I’ve been exhibiting in Karlsruhe, Germany for almost ten years now. I was invited to join a group exhibition by the GEDOK group in summer 2019. I showed two new lampshade designs, incorporating my laser cut design and LED lights. You can see the lampshades in the gallery below

The blue version had a holographic insert which distorted the lights inside, the gold was simply cut silk. This, combined with a large filament lightbulb, was really eyecatching. I found it distracting that you could see the inside, so if I were to repeat the design I would bond silk to both sides of the stiffening.

The blue lampshade twinkled (see the video below)

I was supposed to travel to Karlsruhe with the work and install it myself. However, I didn’t make it to Germany as my Mum had a stroke the weekend before I was due to leave. I decided to stay at home with her instead. Luckily my fellow artists were up for a challenge and put the whole display together for me. It meant I had to design some step by step instructions for putting the light together. They did a fantastic job!

The lampshades on exhibition in Karlsruhe July 2019, image supplied by GEDOK Karlsruhe

I used the waste from the laser cut to make a wall art piece. See the gallery below for more information on how it worked