Alternative Market possibilities

lace is..?

I wanted to come up with ideas for using the lacelightbox, apart from commercial properties. The recession likely to hit the UK economy in 2020 could mean I have to take a new direction so here are a few ideas:

Community projects -I always felt I had little to offer for community engagement projects. Text as brides and picot have opened up the possibility of working with groups or individuals to create artworks based on stories or words. For example I tired this out when beginning to explore text as brides (see gallery below). I had a Zoom interview with textile artist Laura Mabbutt, who does a great deal of work int the community. We talked about the basics of community work, and how projects like this might translate into civic artworks with a lasting legacy.

Domestic lighting products such as smaller lightboxes, lampshades or table lamps. Smaller versions of the lightboxes I’ve produced. I already have a market for this through my exisiting business

Other lace ideas using text as brides and picots. I’ve also thought about simple individualised lace to mark significant dates. I’d avoided asking for sales during the CV-19 lock-down, feeling awkward about promoting commercial work. It took another designer/maker to point out that people are still having birthdays and anniversaries during the pandemic, so I promoted JC Middebrook lace using my Instagram and lo, made sales. It would be a simple thing to create work which allowed people to add names and dates to existing or new lace designs.