Calais Lace Museum

A Craft and an Industry

Michel Storm factory in the back streets near the lace museum

Nottingham once had many lace factories and supported industry in making lace machines and design of lace. Indeed, the art school here at Nottingham Trent University supported lace design and technical specialisms. There was a strong connection to Calais with many folk and machines from Nottingham making their way to France. Calais still has some lace factories and a large lace museum, while Nottingham has few remnants of the industry left.
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I visited in December and was inspired to see working lace factories and machines. The process of making lace by hand and machine was explained very thoroughly.

The twisthand shows the lace machine operating, Calais

The contemporary gallery showed me how I can bring my design into an art setting, and the Olivier Theyskens fashion exhibit was simply a treat of darkness. Theyskens had created a whole collection in response to items of equipment and machinery held in the museum.

The contemporary gallery was showing ‘Dentelle etc…’ a year long exhibition of applied art

I found a new reflective and presentation style when I came back from Calais. The video below shows how I incorporated the two for my formative assessment in February 2020